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of san francisco congratulations everybody for being a hero today. you know the san francisco hospital foundation the general hospital foundation has been such a wonderful wonderful entity and i want to just thank stephanie your leadership, i want to thank julie and rich at the board with all of the other board members, the staff at the hospital, all of the staph, you know sometimes the doctors have to do it's emergency work but what makes that whole hospital run is literally everybody that works at the hospital from the social workers to the accountants to the administrators to the nurses, and nurse practitioner and is the doctors and all of the fundraisers thank you everybody for working together. and for today, again, a big thanks to ellen and pam for your leadership and bringing the hearts and the heros together. it's such a wonderful just community effort to support our general hospital and all of the work that it does. everybody knows what it does already. but i also want to say there are other heros that you are acknowledging today and i would like to just give them a word of t
changed with the invention of the cable car. >> people know in san francisco, first thing they think about is, let's go track. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome laura republican powell jobs chair and co-founder of college track. >> thank you. good morning on behalf of the board, staff and students of college track it's my pleasure to welcome you to the bay center. it's an honor to have you here today and mayor lee welcome back. your support for the student is important. even though people talk about globaltion people are local and jobs are local. each of us each day can fix the neighborhood. real progress is credit place specific and - this concreteness is one of the benefits of college track. it lift up one student after another it looks after and supports individuals. it stands or falls on the local individual concrete attention. there is nothing global about it's on the difference even though we believe that other institutions like ours with help the world. slowly we partially we build out. we're great deal of that mayor lee has chosen to make his first state of the city addres
champions, san francisco giants. >> in fact, the last time that i was at city hall was halloween 2012, right after the parade and the victory celebration and so it is great to be back and it is almost baseball season and who is ready to demand our title? i cannot wait, i cannot begin to tell you how honored i am to serve as your host for this special event, i want to welcome you officially to the san francisco mayor's office of neighborhood services black history month closing ceremony. what a way to wrap things up, we gather here to honor a living legend, ground breaking politician, activist and freedom fighter and fashion icon, the one and the only the honorable willie l. brown junior. [ applause ] growing in the area, his accomplishments and contributions to the world at large and public service were not lost on me and it is really been a dream come true for me to grow up and get to know him professionally and personally. my father and willie were acquaintances and fraternity brothers. >> when he was elected the first african american mayor i was right up there front and center in 1996 an
francisco police officers john coffee and david sans . >> thank you things going to be short and sweet and but i like too thank my hair cannot be that white ... i like to thank all my interfere and is especially gregg surfor allowing us do what we do is special thank to supervisor camp poe and is his assistants for always being there for us and i know the mayor left but if there is anything in this room that can get they two minutes of his time, i know i can get this city to be a safer place for awful us. with the help of my partner. and then in closing i'll like to say there is a lot of beautiful hearts here and there were some big ones on the way in and none of them came as whole with the love that i have for my if girlfriend. plast. >> that was short. i thought i was going to stand there for an hour. first i would just like to thank every everyone for their support and this idea that has become so much more with their help and captains col rails and most zero and our sergeant and supervisor kayser camp poe and is his staff and micro, my family, who's here today, my dad, th
no more. through the streets of san francisco makes you want to sing. when you think of willie brown we like no other. he's the kind of dude that you like as your brother. i say he's the kind of dude that you want as your brother. he's the kind of dude that you want as your brother. [ applause ] but since i'm an old dude, i'm not going to do that because that would seem unseemly. what i do say is when this is all said and done, willie would seem to be an individual who em bodies the classic american story success of invention and reinvention. born of talent, skill, determination, brilliance, lots of plain old hard work. and the ability to take one's god given talent, fashion it, shape it, mold it into something quite remarkable and remarkably effective and enduring. willie brown is a game changer. thank you, willie, for all your work, talents, brilliance, heart, your and forgiving a damn. thank you. [ applause ] on that note, i believe i should bring mayor brown to the stage. is that correct? ladies and gentlemen, mayor willie brown. [ applause ] >> that was remarkable. but then again
honored to welcome you here today. for years san francisco has been a shining example of how we get things done together. and not only have folks from asian-american community and from all walks of life. san francisco is truly a melting pot. we want to celebrate our lunar new year and hope for a prosperous new year. and my new role as assessor, we hope that is true. rather than dragging out this presentation. i want to bring up to speak a number of people who you all know, who you all love. and of course who have many things to share with us. san francisco is very fortunate and lucky to have with us our first asian-american, first chinese mayor, mayor ed lee. please welcome him. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor. happy new year everybody. now i want to explain before the news media talks about it. there is an obvious explanation for why the women are sitting on one side. and the men are sitting on the other. because if you have heard councilor general gao in his speeches around the year of the serpent. you often know he has explained this is the year of mini-dragon. we will do some thing
't ignore i think we ignore the market at our peril. >> we also have a market in san francisco where the cost of living is sky rocketing like crazy and to maintain that is beyond the means of most people including myself and at a pretty high salary here in san francisco, but we're proposing to cut new hires pays for certain classifications that is significant. that is not keeping up with the growing cost of living. i will stop there -- >> if you would i would like to address the cost of living and we are providing it to all employees and we are unique in this sector for doing so. maybe sonoma is doing it but we are unusual in that. i didn't touch on the two tier. the reason the city proposed -- the city doesn't love having the two tier. we would like one wage rate within a classification but we believe that within the fact it wouldn't affect any current employees and we didn't want to pull the rug out and people should know what we're getting into with a job and all of the classifications and significantly and preserving the gains of comparable worth if bee do that. the two tie
world. it arrived in san francisco in 1912. that ship was the s s cleveland known as the majestic cruise liner carrying people from around the world. each city that was lucky enough to receive that ship received great prosperity. imagine what that might have been like in 1912 as our great fore fathers were building the city after the earthquake. it was a moment us occasion. i want to thank the mayor's for standing here as we move forward with our heritage and leave lead the generations to come. i would like to introduce the honorable mayor ed lee, the board of supervisors david chew, and many commissioners of many of those agencies and of course the president of our port commissions, dorene, the honorable mayor willie brown in the back and the of course the amazing and brilliant port staff. thank you all for being here today. i want to take a moment of where we are in cruising. the cruise lines are building new ships and doubling their fleet. their carrying double or triple times the amount of passengers as before. but shockingly in the united states, cruise terminal are shrinkin
of san francisco hospital the largest bond in our history is underway on time and on budget. and just last month we broke ground on the long beach library. next month in this very community will open to new bay view library. thank you lewis herself are a listen ran of the year for 2012. thank you for making our libraries a truly assessable resource for all the families in san francisco. and under the innovative and in partnership with so many park advocates san francisco parks are among the best in the nation thanks to a $100 million from prop e including all those parks along our water front and thanks again to the voters. we're finally replacing our public streets. dp w about pave it's 1 it had street. and when we're through talk to mahammod about your favorite street. and the new center will provide 1 hundred new hotel rooms and 12 acres of open space with the transit tower at its center piece. along the waterfront the mixed use development with the san francisco giants at c-3 lot will create vibrant new neighborhoods. and in less than 5 years we'll workman's compensation the golde
-presenters, the san francisco african-american chamber of commerce, the bayview ymca, senator mark leno's office, the san francisco public library, and the mayor's office of neighborhood services, welcome to the 2013 black history month program. the 2013 black history month theme is "at the crossroads of freedom and equality, the emancipation proclamation and the march on washington." the society is the lineal descendant of the san francisco atheneum. it has been the only san francisco institution that is dedicated to documenting, preservinging and presenting true accounts of the history of people of african descent in san francisco. the society is a membership-based organization. without the hard work of our members and friends, the society wouldn't be able to present programs like today's kickoff. i'd like to take a moment here to thank members of our board of directors and the black history month committee who are here. amongst the board of directors members we have here today are dr. bill hoskins, and please hold your applause until i finish the list because we want to give them all a round
. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee for wednesday march 6, 2013. my name is supervisor mark farrell. i am the chair and i am joined by supervisor mar and avalos and breed and supervisor wiener will be absent today. i would like to thank the members of the sfgtv staff and our clerk victor young. mr. young, do we have any announcements? >> yes, please si lls all electronic devices and anything that should be part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. the items will appear on the agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. welcome to our first five person budget meeting. we're going to take item two out of order. >> item two, a hearsay on the mayor, controller, budger and legislative analyst and city departments including balance, short falls and additional revenue. >> thank you and we have kate howard from the mayor's office office and before you begin colleagues we have a standing hearing for budget updates on a weekly basis on certain items of interest. in the next week we will see the full calendar leading up to the sea
and dedication and passion living here and involved in san francisco. and i know this is not a good-bye, and i look forward to the next phase in your brilliant career. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you. well, mario, we're going to definitely miss you, although obviously you're not going to be going far. you know, the way i got to know you or we got to know each other, i think the most was through the free muni for youth debate and we were obviously on opposite sides of that debate. [speaker not understood]. we were obviously on opposite sides of that debate and that was difficult debate. and i know you were very, very passionate about the proposal and i had my own strong view. and the one thing that always struck me about you is that you, whatever the disagreement, you were always just so professional and kind and courteous and very persistent in pushing what you thought was right. but just incredibly professional. i always really appreciated that. i'll tell you and this is i guess advice to a lot of different advocates that engaging with someone you disagree with in a professional and produc
in san francisco. we can't be happy but at least be fair. [applause] >> supervisors, my name is anne zane and active member of seiu and senior collections officer for human services agency. we bring in revenues. surely you know about the number one international paper throughout and says 487 cities in california and the budget for income is categorized number two, the second on the top, but unfortunately our salary ratio is number 47, so something doesn't look right to me. number two and number 47. that is 45 number differential so it doesn't take an accountant to figure out what is going on, and also my income stop -- salary increase stop in 2007. i am bringing home the same wage i was bringing home 2007 because after the first two and a half years as a new hire you lose the 5% step increase and we really relied on the 2% every six months january and july. we lost that and we are paying 10% on the retirement plus house and $5 per person for dental so taken out from the paycheck enough and bringing in, and the city employees contribute highly to the foreclosures in san francisco
and in san francisco. first slide please. so comparable worth began in 1942 in terms of general order 16 issued by the labor board. basically the federal government decided to adjust wages for women to equal men doing work of comparable work and quality. you can imagine when the men were at war the women were doing the work. the order remedied was a job assessment to determine the value of the work so that's really the origin of the discussion. in 1955 the u.s. census bureau reported that women earned 64% of what men earned. in 1963 there was a federal equal pay act that was introduced that mandated equal pay with the following important exceptions. under the bennett amendment allowed differentiation of payment based on one seniority, two, merit, three, productivity, or four, any other factor, so you can imagine employers went to look for justifications for pay inequities in terms of these things. 1964 title seven of the civil rights act prohibits discrimination of covered employers based on race, sex, national origin and 15 or more employees for each working day and in the calenda
especial, en el Área de la bahÍa. cientos de simpatizantes de chaveze desfilaron en calles de san francisco para conocer polÍticas del presidente falmelecido. edgardo. >>> sÍ, la manifestaciÓn salio dla 24 y misiÓn, y resaltaron puntos del lÍder politico. >>> los que participaonp en la marcha. considera que san francisco por ser progresista tiene un espacio para el extinto lÍder politico. >>> en estados unidos hay aliados, gente progresista, lochando por la igualdad. >>> en la marcha y concentraciÓn en la plaza cÍvica del centro de san francisco, cerca de la estatua de simÓn bolÍvar; se coreo las ideas de chÁvez. >>> nunca me gustÓ el gobierno del presidente que tenÍamos. tenÍa controladas a las empresas, no producia lo suficiente para que Él paÍs mejorara. >>> ellos quieren que el legado de chÁvez continÚe y su legado no desaparezca. >>> es un fervor por una idea, muriÓ un hombre, las ideas de chÁvez perduraran. >>> la anunciaba jornada electoral en venezuela plantearÍa otra realidad polÍtica. >>> hay gente que solamente creÍa en chÁvez, y ahorita vamos a esperar el
of marin county. james. >> thank you erica. >> san francisco police are investigating the death of a man who was found in an elevator shaft at the montgomery bart station. it happened last night around 930. police responded to a called a person stuck in an elevator at the bart station. authorities managed to get that man out when they discovered another body in the shaft. it is unclear how the man got into the elevator shaft or how long he had been there. police foubelieve he could have been sleeping on top of the elevator when he was closed. we will have a live report coming of the 430. >> a shooting has oakland police turning to the public for help. the parties are working on tracking down the suspect shot and killed a san francisco man early yesterday morning. kron fours scott rates walked us through what happened. >> i am told the shooting have been a block away from the oakland police department. at the intersection of ninth and clay. it started at around 3:00 in the morning when officers responded for a call of a shot fired. when they arrived they found the man that had been shot m
. my name is julie pernell and i am a san francisco resident and i am supporting the halls in their business operation at 1 polk street. i am a richmond resident and the halls are my down stairs neighbors and so i have known them for three years and i can tell you with 100 percent support that they will be a huge addition to this neighborhood as business owners. i also in my professional life i have been in the hotel and restaurant business for the past 25 years, and i work for hotel companies that go into emerging neighborhoods and reuse buildings that are in the neighborhood and create businesses in an emerging neighborhoods. and i can tell you that a business like the beer hall, that not only is a wine and a beer bar, in addition to an off-sight, or selling beer and wine, to go, it will be a huge benefit to this neighborhood. it will have a i believe a snow ball effect of other businesses coming to this area and satisfying the current residents and employees in the neighborhood. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> hi. name is natalia, i am opening a new b
rosa and 39 in novato and 37 in napa. all the mid-to-upper 40's throughout the bay shore, san francisco, mountain view, 47, oakland, hayward, san jose, 45, and 43 in concord and livermore. through the afternoon hours we will have mostly blue skies, no lightning. and a lot of sunshine. we will have temperatures starting off in the 30's, the 40's, and around 60 at the coast and 74 inland this afternoon and during the evening hours we are in the 50's to 60's. sue? >> thanks. the lightning is still going off behind your head and that is distracting. hopefully that is not the case for the morning drive. the san mateo bridge, fog free, visibility is good and the tail lights headed westbound on the flat section and everything is moving nicely and very, very light conditions on the bay bridge right new with an early state of the stall eastbound, and otherwise, just road work and we will look at your eastbound out of the central valley, and maybe we will not look at it...there we go. the maps are slow to move this monday morning. eastbound 580 from greenville to north flynn until 11:00. highway
>>> we are live in san francisco where a man dies in a freak accident at a bart station. we'll tell you happen he was doing before he was killed. >>> thousands of workers are getting a pay raise today. >>> warm warmer weather is spill into the bay area. >>> also what is happening at the vatican today. one day before the cardinals start choosing a new pope. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, to you welcome to a brand new day it's monday, march 11th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor in for pam cook. we have the time change there. let's get a check of weather and traffic. let's start with rosemary today. >> quite a pleasant weekend. we got another nice day in store. for many of us a warm up in store. this hour we are joined by chilly temperatures. slipping back into the 30s and 40s. and inland areas dealing with a little bit of patchy fog. i'll have more on that coming up and a look at your afternoon highs in your extended forecast. good morning, sal. >>> good morning. right now traffic is moving well on highway 4 westbound as you come up to t
. >> thank you. >>> progress is being made along san francisco's waterfront where a new cruise ship terminal is being built. the james r. herman cruise terminal on peer 27 will be able to accommodate megaships that can carry 6,000 passengers. right now the pier is being used for the america's cup and it will be the centerpiece for the yacht races later this year. princess cruises has pledged to base a cruise ship in san francisco which will set sail for alaska, hawaii and mexico. >>> a light earthquake shook the desert southeast of los angeles this morning. the magnitude 4.7 quake hit just before 10:00 a.m. and was centered 23 miles south of palm springs about 64 miles northeast of san diego. this is a look at the u.s. geological survey site that lists earthquakes and shows the seismograph for each event. there were no reports of damage or injuries. >>> japan is marking the second anniversary of its deadly earthquake and massive tsunami. today memorial services were held in tokyo and the northeastern coast. it coincided with the exact moment the earthquake hit. the quake was followed by a ma
an accident of this type, of this magnitude, in this stretch of eastmoor. >> ama: a san francisco man is the latest victim of violence in oakland. police say he was shot to death around 3:00 this morning near ninth and clay street, just blocks away from police headquarters. the unidentified 37-year-old man was in his car when he apparently got into a dispute with people inside another vehicle. they began shooting at the man, who was hit, and then crashed his car. this mark's oak leappedz's 17th homicide of the year. last year at this time oakland had 4 homicides. >> a man hired to help the oakland police department imphlegm court ordered reforms will report for duty tomorrow. the man this department's new compliance director. he'll take on the task of reforming how police investigate themselves and document their work. the 68-year-old is a former baltimore police commissioner who served on the san jose police force. he can spend city funds, oversee top commanders and the chief and his deputies. >> in less than 48 hours the cardinals of the roman catholic church will cast their first b
in rough seas. >> tie bettans in san francisco ' -- the movement has been protesting on this date. scores of demonstrators gathered to make their voice heard loud and clear in front of the chinese consulate. >> trying to send a message cloud clear to the chinese government that enough is enough and we want our country back. that's what we're trying to convey. >> ama: tibetan's leader says the ultimate goal is to end the rule chinese to end the rule and for they dalai lama to return to his country. >> on monday, a restaurant will begin taking new reservations. they had to cancel reservations because of their electrical fire that damaged the front porch. entryaway and downstairs dining room. >>> right now a preopening philosophy for the exploratorium is bringing arts into the streets of san francisco. it's hands-on experience on the embark dare -- embarcadero. >> this part of the sunday street festival, designed to draw attention to the clearer toum which moves into its new location on april 17th. the big feature tonight is wound me. a mechanical octopus which, at 8:30 tonight, will emit fi
sunday mass at a number of churches here in san francisco or i have attended sunday mass at a number of churches here in san francisco including providence church and st. john's church in the mission district. i believe i will be confronting to the church and a confirmation hearing. [speaker not understood] a meeting with the archbishop of the local diocese here on or before may 18, after which i will leave home. these are my final words here. plant a tree of life in san francisco. the tree of life, chapter 22 revelation. and he showed me a pure river of water of life clear as crystal proceeding out of the throne of god and of the lamb in the mid of the street of it and on either side of the river there was a tree of life which bear 12 manner of fruit and yielded a fruit every month. and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations and there shall be no more curse, but the throne of god and the lamb of god shall be in it and [speaker not understood] shall serve him. they shall see his face and their name shall be in their forehead. there should be no night there and the
and legal services for low income survivors in san francisco. on behalf of each of my clients in the bay area and legal aid i want to thank each of you thanks. >> next speaker, please? >> good morning, i'm taylor with (inaudible) out reach and thank you again for bringing this forward supervisor cohen and all of you for supporting this legislation. we provide a wholistic legal services to primarily the api community in san francisco, but to most communities, san francisco and we have been working in the domestic violence area for over 30 years and you know that lawyers are not the answer and many of you are attorneys and have chosen to be policy makers and political leaders instead, but, we are part of a necessary network of services and when you address the criminal justice system and you go down with the district attorney, it is also important to remember that the aftermath of the criminal justice system whether it be prosecution or defense are the families, the women and children that we serve. and we are the ones that are out there on the ground, in the community, serving those needs
accident at a san francisco bart station. we'll tell you how a man was killed by an elevator next. >>> we'll show you how san francisco waterfront is developing to accommodate bigger cruise liners. >>> thousands of workers in the south bay are getting a pay raise. how they are raising questions about poverty in silicon valley. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. welcome to a brand new day it's monday, march 11th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor. pam cook is off today. we want to start with weather and traffic as always. rosemary orozco is in for steve. >> good morning, to you. another day of sunny skies. 60s and 70s. it will be nice and mild. at this hour, however, a little bit of patchy fog. temperatures slipping back into the 30s to 40s once again this morning. we'll have a look at your current temperatures, talk more about that warmup and in the extended forecast the dry weather continues. i'll have a look all the way into next weekend coming up. good morning, sal. >>> good morning, rosemary. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split that traffic l
of san francisco would be a treasure to have the razz room or live at the razz room remain within the city limits. i'm looking forward to playing the base, and i understand that tonight i have gotten an education on the sound restrictions and the problems and i am sure that we all know my band is going to rock the house. so, i really want them to do the best that they can. i want you guys to give them a chance and let them play it and do the sound proofing and make this another great san francisco landmark in this great and wonderful city. thank you very, very much. >> thank you very much and thank you for speaking to us. i love confunction. >> thank you. >> personally. >> commissioners, my name is durf butler and i also love confunction and i did not know that was michael cooper. >> he will be signing autographs at the end of the commission hearing. >> no need because i enjoy him when i go to the razz room that is why i am here it was kind of interesting that he was before me. because my point is i don't know the owners, i only know that i have... this venue has been one of the v
in the nation, san francisco topped the list with workers making $10.55 an hour and santa fe, new mexico, people are paid $10.51 for minimum wake and now san jose is the third highest in the nation paying workers $10 an hour according to the united states department of labor. we understand of course with this wage hike, leaders will have a new push for the customers and workers that make the extra money to try and keep that money here in san jose by spending it here in the city. live in san jose for sue thompson, for abc7 news. >> in san francisco police are investigating a horrifying accident at a bart station. abc7 news was the first to bring you the story last night. police say a man died after getting crushed on top of the elevator at the montgomery bart station. a man in the elevator called after the elevator was stuck, emergency crews responded and found the victim. they found bedding on top of the elevator car and think he was sloping inside the elevator shaft. our news reporter is at the scene and will have the latest for us at 5:30. >> police in daly city are trying to determine if spee
's that kind of a five. everybody is there to enjoy a literary reading. >> the best lit in san francisco. friendly, free, and you might get fed. ♪ [applause] >> this san francisco ryther created the radar reading series in 2003. she was inspired when she first moved to this city in the early 1990's and discover the wild west atmosphere of open mi it's ic in the mission. >> although there were these open mics every night of the week, they were super macho. people writing poems about being jerks. beatty their chest onstage. >> she was energized by the scene and proved up with other girls who wanted their voices to be heard. touring the country and sharing gen-x 7 as a. her mainstream reputation grew with her novel. theses san francisco public library took notice and asked her if she would begin carrying a monthly reading series based on her community. >> a lot of the raiders that i work with our like underground writers. they're just coming at publishing and at being a writer from this underground way. coming in to the library is awesome. very good for the library to show this writing co
supported elanzo ballet which is headed by an african american that has been in san francisco for the last 30 years. but they have put up probono. so i think that contrary to some of the things that have been said. i think that the contract process was fair. clear channel has demonstrated commitment to work with the small businesses in the minority community and like jcdco we are also offering the training for the small businesss in terms of educating them and advertising, education program in terms of insurancing that we get maximum exposure for the businesses that we represent. thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please? >> angelo king. >> very quickly. i can only speak from personal experience, there are a lot of times that we are put in as a contractor or a community guy and i am putting together a projects and having an out reach component and i have always had a great reception with clear channel in trying to get things publicized and maybe my connection may my connection is better than others. but i have always been successful in terms of promoting even
. >> reporter: sure enough moments later police arrived to find a 37-year-old san francisco man with fatal gunshot wounds. investigators marked a dozen gunshots. tran's families owns a vietnamese restaurant. he says he has only noticed more robberies in the area but earlier this month, police investigated a murder a few blocks away. >> we need more police presence. but it seems they do the best they can that's all i can ask for. >> i don't think it has to do the proximity of where people shoot another. >> reporter: the alameda county corner is not released the victim's name and police are still investigating. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktv you -- ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the city is currently enlisting the help of both highway patrol officers and the alameda sheriff's department to help patrol city streets. >>> daly city police are trying to determine what caused a traffic accident last night that left three people dead. the crash happened on east moore avenue near gilman drive just after 8:00. the driver of a blue sedan broadsided the victim's car. three of them were pron
interested in following up, i can just leave those there. >> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant fo
murder and it kind of hit me, because san francisco has 1000 unsolved murders. so, i sent a letter to the new york times that a woman that wrote us and also she wanted the new york in it and the new york pd to start opening cold cases. murders that were unsolved and now the link is that they have gotten hundreds and hundreds of cases from across the united states and other police departments going into new york and seeing the data base for unsolved murders and so i sent out a letter and copies of the letters that i am giving you on the story that i sent to the nypd and the new york city commission, the police commission, to share data bases because i know that san francisco is going back to the murder that was in the marina were i, i ded the murder not the suspect. the person that was murdered i had a chance to enter san francisco's investigation unit and i was kind of shocked and it looked like csi to me, it looks like the gun shoes of 1950, and i know that you are short 19 to 22 investigators. but i think that this city or the sfpd has a long way to dow go*e and to bring it back
who shot and killed a san francisco man early this morning. kron 4's scott rates walks us through what happened. >> reporter: this call was about one block ago. at the oakland police department at this intersection at clay /ninth and ninth street. around 3:00 a.m.. shots were fired and this man was shot multiple times walking on this intersection. investigators believe that it was an occupant inside another car that shot at the driver of the other car. he was taken to the hospital where he died. hwe know that he is a 37 year-old man. we checked with the oakland police department and we are hoping for some type of witness that can come forward. we are offering a $10,002 reward. scott rates, kron 4. >> a big pay off for voters in san jose. tomorrow, the city's minimum wage will go up two dollars.that goes for both part-time and full-time employees. it also includes those working for tips. kron four's philippe djegal shows us how it all adds up. >> reporter: so, this is how it works. and, we'll use part-time workers as an example. someone now making eight dollars an hour, six hours a day,
. and this video taken at the united airlines hanger at san francisco international airport explains his name. he and his mate have made sfo their home for more than a year now. >> it's the only time i know of where a peregrine falcon has actually gone inside a building to nest. >> reporter: glenn stewart is director of the predatory bird research group at the university of california at santa cruz. he says the once-endangered peregrine falcon helps keep the population of other knowledges of birds at bay, because as this video shows, falcons catch and eat other birds i. >> they discover the pellet in its shoulder. >> reporter: which is why it is so shocking that this male peregrine falcon was found on january 15th with bird shot in its wing, injured on a taxiway at san francisco international airport. >> i can't imagine that 30, 40 years later, we are shooting these birds. >> reporter: we discovered programs at sfo, oak land and san jose, where airport specialists can shoot and kill birds that pose a risk of colliding with aircraft taken off and landing. >> there is going to be some sort of confl
. in san francisco, kpix5. >> as neighbors wait to find out what is going on under ground some backyards are sinking as the soil under them shifts and people are finding new cracks in the walls of their homes. >>> well, tomorrow, san jose's new $10 minimum wage goes into effect. it was approved by voters last fall. community and labor leaders hope the increase will bring in more business. >> reporter: with a line that looks like this you know these barista's are hard at work and soon their paychecks will better reflect it. >> i am happy about that. >> reporter: he works two min mum wage jobs and still has to borrow money from his parents but thanks to this initiative the min mum wage will go from $8 to $10. giving thousands of workers a raise. >> i know for me, personally, and my friends it makes a big difference. >> reporter: soon, you will see new signs in store front windows encouraging people to spend the extra money they are earning right here in san jose. this is the logo for the new earn and spend campaign that kicks off tomorrow. >> we kno
. >>> [speaker not understood] san francisco. [speaker not understood]. our supervisor, good afternoon. my name abdullah [speaker not understood]. i thank god who give me the time to be here today with you. at least i can be and i can deal with you to make it nice and warm welcome to our new supervisor katy tang. katy, [speaker not understood] over china. i have here the list you can see. we have 12 people, chinese people has been involved in this room in the city hall, such as mayor ed lee, senator leland yee, assembly woman fiona ma, supervisor [speaker not understood], supervisor mabel tang, carmen chu, [speaker not understood], eric mar, john k. jenkins, david chiu, ed chiu, and katy tang, she come in at number 12. i think chinatown has moved into the city hall. i am not against that. i am with them because in this moment i rise to support my chinese sister fiona ma to be the next congress. i wish she have take it [speaker not understood] office. she deserve that. and i like to support the chinese people. yes, they are going to make it good future. supervisor, district 4, on behalf of them,
itself in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, miss davis. >> next speaker? >> good morning supervisors. i will keep this short,vy been in the city since 1994 as a business owner, 19 years. i have tried to get a number of city contracts over those 19 years and, frankly i have never won one. >> and your name? >> bill emata i am the founder, chairman and chief collar ration of iw group and we have been here for 19 years and we have been trying multiple times to get different contracts with the city and county of san francisco each time we have failed. yet, we were one of the top five asian american advertising firms in the country and we have countries that we represent such as pacific gas and electric and coke and i was surprised saying that mr. erm ata we want to have a partnership with the agency not only do you represent a lot of brands you are recommended as a company that donates back to the communities that they operate in but also have a lot of companies that they can bring to the airport. i was very excited about that. because this is the first time a major corporatio
at the limit to dublin/pleasanton and on 24. >> thank you. 6:03 with develop news for you from san francisco where police are investigating the discovery of a body at one of the city's busiest bart stations. you saw this story first on abc7 news at 11. there was bedding on top of an elevator car, the man was sleeping on top of the elevator and was crushed to death when someone used the elevator. coming up in 30 minutes, abc7 news will have a live report on what is happening at the station this morning. >> people close to an oakland woman missing since thursday are frustrated with efforts to find her. family and freeways of the woman held a prayer vigil yesterday in the neighborhood where she lived. the 31-year-old was last seen on a surveillance video on thursday morning at the corner of telegraph and 34th avenue. the missing woman's mom says that the response from oakland police has been slow in the critical days after she disappeared. >> it is important when people disappear like this, the police need to get on it right away and not think they left on their own accord especially with the c
first on the scene of san jose's ninth homicide of the year. >>> a gruesome death at a san francisco bart station that many questions surrounding the grim discovery. >>> >> reporter: a gruesome deadly accident at a san francisco b.a.r.t. station. we'll tell you what one man was doing right before he was killed. >> reporter: this neighborhood has turned into a crime scene after neighbors find a man shot to death in the middle of the street. we'll tell you what police think may have led up to the shooting. >>> we're following developing news from afghanistan. new deadly attacks targeting u.s. troops. >>> a major crash in half moon bay has one of the major roads in and out of the area blocked. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday march 11th. we want to go right to sal following a serious crash on highway 92. >> this crash is blocking all of the lanes on 92 between 35 and 1. they are doing an investigate, major injuries. a person taken away, taken to stanford hospital. but highway 92 is shut
>>> we are live in san francisco where a man is killed at a bart station. it's the way he died that has investigators so perplexed. >>> developing news from afghanistan as the new defense secretary is visiting the country. >>> bigger paychecks in san jose. the pay increase starting today and why not everyone is happy about it. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, it's monday, march 11th i'm brian flores. >> rosemary orozco you say it's going to be nice since we lost that hour. >> yeah. a pleasant weekend. this morning we are joined by cool temperatures once again. i'm detecting a little bit of patchy fog out there his morning. along the coast and parts of the sonoma valley floor. but we have another beautiful one in store for you. mostly sunny skies. a minor warmup in some cases. i do expect the coast will remain in the 60s for today. and our extended forecast looks dry and warm. i'll show you when i think our temperatures will peek and i'll have a break down of our monday morning forecast coming up. >>> traffic is doing well on the freeway. a ni
the planning department, mayor's office, and municipal transportation agency on san francisco's participation in the long-awaited electrification of caltrain and the future high-speed rail. >> item number 7 is a hearing that supervisor cohen and i both called to hear about the status of san francisco's participation in the electrification of caltrain and high-speed rail. as we just heard in our last item, we have some very, very significant challenges around transportation, not just in san francisco, but in the bay area as a whole. and a key part of improving and modernizing our transportation system to meet the future needs of the bay area is a strong caltrain and that includes electrification, it includes high-speed rail and of course it includes extending caltrain and high-speed rail to the transbay terminal. and, so, we're going to hear an update today and we'll, colleagues, if there are no introductory remarks, we'll hear from john ram, director of planning. >> thank you, supervisors. john ram with the planning department. i'm very much pleased to be here today. i think this is a hugely
taking heat for a surveillance of antimuslim ads featured on vehicles in san francisco showing photos of islamic figures alongside violent incidents. he say that is his jihad, what is yours. the bill boards mock the my jihad ads. muni says it has to run the ads otherwise it would risk being sued by the group that posted them. san francisco city leaders condemned the ads today. >> there is no place in san francisco for racism. >> at the board of supervisors i'll be introducing a resolution expressing that we all stand with our mus skplim arab communities in the face of these hateful bus advertisements. >> the same group put up ads last year calling muslims savages. muni says it donated money it received for the ads. >> now to the vatican, cardinals just hours from selecting a new leader of the catholic chu. i want to show you video taken insifd of the sistine chapel. the cardinals will move in tomorrow. yesterday, the cardinals ended a series of meetings where discussions were held on what kind of man to choose. >> thinking about what they're going to do because they have said they hav
.74. according to gasbuddy.com the average in san francisco is $4.15 a gallon. oakland, $4.10, and san jose $4.11. lowest average in california is in sacramento at $4.02 a gallon. >>> 6 teenagers are dead after their suv went into a swampy pond in northeast ohio this morning. a total of 8 teens were in the honda passport when it hit a guardrail, overturned and ended up in the swamp near the city of warren. five teens were trapped in the suv. a 6th was found underneath it. two of the passengers escaped and ran to a house for help. it is a tough loss for the working class town of 41,000. >> took most of this morning to meet with all of the family members, that i possibly could at both hospitals. we are going to pull together and we are going to be there for them. >> the authorities say all of the teens were between the ages of 14 and 19. there is no word what caused the accident but investigators do not believe alcohol was involved. >>> in an animal sanctuary opens to the public next week after a lion killed a 24-year- old intern. the privately run cat ha
. and here in san francisco, you know, we are at this point trying to after a hiatus of three years because of court-ordered injunctions trying to implement our bike plan. so we all a collective goal, i believe, to increase the environmental and nick sustainability of the world around us that we participate in and especially in san francisco, but we do have a special responsibility because this place provides us with the opportunity that most other places don't. the geometry and geography of san francisco is up that it is easier for us being in a city of short trips to veil ourselves to other alternatives to the car. so when we want to reclaim the street and the public right-of-way and the public realm for people and basic human needs of access to the humanities that urban environments provide, we have a better shot at than, say, other places where large distances have to be traversed in most american cities to kind of get to the places you want to get. here in san francisco, we have been blessed by the geometry where our trips are short where 40 years ago we realized that this was the way
about greene design. a big thing and san francisco, before the board of supervisors, is legislation, if this building were built next year, would require that this have eight lead certified building, silver building if it were built next year. what kind of green provisions are built into the building? >> we have done as much as we can with the checklist with the limitations and budgetary constraints that we have. we're hoping to be certified to achieve just under the lead silver level, although we're not going for the certification because of the process on this particular building. >> can you mention specific green building construction strategies? >> we have worked with our structural engineer using flash in the concrete. >> what is that and why is a green? >> it is a byproduct of industrial waste, basically, the smoke from the smokestack, ash that is collected. it provides a great material, a great part of the concrete mix. it is recycled and is relatively inexpensive, although it is getting more expensive because there is a lot of demand for it. >> any other green -- >> it affec
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